Sure. You’ve got loads of data to prove it, and that’s a key part of creating great customer experiences. But you’re now marketing in a world where your customers are generating more data than ever, and their digital breadcrumbs are scattered across way too many channels that you might not even be able to connect. So how can you really get the full picture of your customers and talk to them effectively?

You know your customers, right?

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Key features 

AI-powered customer data analytics    

AI-powered recommendations

One-to-one personalized execution

Open marketing ecosystem

Informed, consistent experiences

Get Insights. 

Get Personal.

Get your customer experience right with AI.

Artificial Intelligence empowers marketers to engage with customers in new and exciting ways.

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How can IBM help your marketing analytics strategy?


If you can’t connect with your customers’ data in real time, you don't know Jack

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ING DIRECT is interacting with its customers based on each individual's everyday actions.

With a goal of doubling its banking base by 2020, ING needed to double its acquisition rate, year-on-year. By using IBM Watson's insights to get personal, the bank can engage quickly with tailored messages, at scale.

IBM Watson harnesses AI power on an integrated marketing platform, letting ING create three fully-bespoke campaigns every week. Conversion rates have risen to 120 percent, and there's been a huge rise in customer-initiated actions.

ING boosts conversion rates by up to 120% using AI powered marketing from IBM Watson.

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